SB Odds – Ravens Pull Dead Even with Chiefs – Followed by Seahawks

September 23, 2020

Super Bowl Odds week 3 - Raiders Improve

Only two weeks in and there have been some shake-ups in the Super Bowl odds. The Ravens have basically dominated two average (or below average) opponents. The KC Chiefs barely beat the Chargers and also beat Houston, who the Ravens just smashed. These games are not very impressive by any means. But they are enough to keep the Ravens and the Chiefs atop the Super Bowl Odds (Tied at +500 each).

Climbing up with their decent win over the Patriots, are the Seattle Seahawks. Their odds improve from +1220 last week to +900 this week. The sharp play of Russell Wilson is apparent. And even though they allowed 23 points to the Patriots (7 points of that game score was a pick six), they will fare much better against less potent offenses. However, it is apparent that the “Legion of Boom” days are well behind them.

The Saints dropped a little bit from +900 to +1200 after their loss to the Raiders. The Raiders should not be underestimated. Their odds improved from +5000 to +3000.

One large jump in odds is from the Indianapolis Colts. After beating the tar out of the hapless Vikings, their odds improved from +400 to +2800.

Super Bowl 55 Updated odds After Week 2

Odds shown are from

Teams Odds
Baltimore Ravens +500
Kansas City Chiefs +500
Seattle Seahawks +900
New Orleans Saints +1200
San Francisco 49ers +1400
Dallas Cowboys +1600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1600
Buffalo Bills +1800
Green Bay Packers +1800
Pittsburgh Steelers +2000
Arizona Cardinals +2500
Los Angeles Rams +2500
New England Patriots +2500
Indianapolis Colts +2800
Tennessee Titans +2800
Las Vegas Raiders +4000
Chicago Bears +5000
Cleveland Browns +5000
Los Angeles Chargers +6000
Minnesota Vikings +6600
Philadelphia Eagles +6600
Atlanta Falcons +8000
Detroit Lions +10000
Houston Texans +10000
Denver Broncos +15000
Jacksonville Jaguars +20000
Washington +20000
Miami Dolphins +25000
Carolina Panthers +30000
Cincinnati Bengals +30000
New York Giants +30000
New York Jets +30000

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