Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – September 28th Edition

Major League Baseball had it’s final regular season day of games on Sunday, Sep. 27. The Chicago Cubs locked up the NL Central Division. The L.A. Dodgers are the top team in the National League while the surprising Tampa Bay Rays have the best record in the American League. Check out an update of what teams are hot heading to the postseason before getting to our playoff top 8 power rankings for each league. Let’s jump right into action so you can make your bets against their MLB odds.

MLB COVID-19 Update – September 28th Edition

2020 Major League Baseball Playoffs

  • When: Sep. 28 – November
  • Where: Various Venues

2020 World Series Futures

  • New York Yankees +600
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +350
  • Houston Astros +2500
  • Atlanta Braves +1100
  • St. Louis Cardinals +3300
  • Milwaukee Brewers +4000
  • Cleveland Indians +1600
  • Chicago Cubs +1500
  • Tampa Bay Rays +650
  • Oakland Athletics +900
  • Cincinnati Reds +2800
  • Chicago White Sox +1100
  • San Diego Padres +850
  • Toronto Blue Jays +3500
  • Miami Marlins +2800

With expanded MLB Playoff format the Marlins are in

Before the 2020 Major League Baseball Season threw first pitch, some analysts said the Marlins wouldn’t win more than 10 games. Those analysts are eating crow after September 27.

Miami beat out some very good teams to get into the NL Playoff field. Sure, the Marlins required MLB to expand this year’s playoffs. But, hey, they’re in, which means they have a shot to win the World Series at decent odds.

The same thinking can be applied to both the Chicago White Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays. Both teams entered the season as doormat squads who were supposed to fall flat in the first week. Both discovered ace pitchers, Dalla Keuchel for CWS and Hyun-Jin Ryu for the Jays, who have helped their teams to fantastic records. The White Sox and Blue Jays can lean on Keuchel and Ryu in the playoffs. 

Although things looked dire after that first week, the 60-game Major League Baseball Season turned out okay. The postseason should be as exciting as it is every season! 

National League Power 8

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers – The Dodgers won 71.7% of their games this season. They deserve to be the World Series favorites.
  2. Atlanta Braves – The Braves field the second best hitting team in baseball. They’ve also got the third ranked bullpen. If their starters hold up, the ATL could surprise.
  3. Chicago Cubs – Yu Darvish came back this season with a vengeance. He’s torn it up in Chicago blue. John Lester always steps it up in the postseason, making the Cubs a team to consider.
  4. San Diego Padres – The Friars are talented. But the pitching must come around. We’re not sure if that will happen in the postseason.
  5. Miami Marlins – The reason Miami made the postseason? Sandy Alcantara has a 3.00 ERA, Sixto Sanchez’s ERA is 3.46, and Pablo Lopez’s ERA is 3.61. So, yes, the Marlins can compete in the playoffs.
  6. St. Louis Cardinals – St. Louis is the greatest franchise in National League history. They’re not as popular as the Dodgers, but if you look back at who wins World Series from the NL, it’s the Cards. They’re not as good as they usually are this postseason, though.
  7. Cincinnati Reds – Anything can happen in the playoffs, but Cincinnati would be a major surprise. The Reds rank 28th in batting average and 30th in runs per game. If you can’t score, you can’t win.
  8. Milwaukee Brewers – The Brewers’ team ERA is 4.16. It’s not terrible, but they’ll face some serious firepower at the plate once the playoffs start. 

American League Power 8

  1. Tampa Bay Rays – Tampa could pitch way to a World Series win. The Rays’ starting rotation ranks 3rd. Their BP ranks 3rd. Tampa looks tough heading to the playoffs.
  2. Oakland Athletics – The A’s bring the second ranked bullpen in baseball to the 2020 MBL Playoffs. Also, Sean Manaea, their ace, has slowly gotten his best stuff back. Don’t sleep on Oakland. 
  3. Minnesota Twins – Minnesota’s fourth-ranked starting rotation could keep the Twins in the hunt. At any moment, Minnesota’s bats could catch fire as well. So . . . 
  4. Chicago White Sox – We love Kuechel, no doubt. The White Sox are also a good hitting. In fact, the AL is wide-open with the White Sox one of the teams that could win the pennant.
  5. Cleveland Indians – Cleveland’s rotation boasts a 3.29 ERA. That alone make the Tribe a top contender.
  6. New York Yankees – The Yankees can win the World Series. One of the reasons? Gerrit Cole is in awesome form.
  7. Toronto Blue Jays – Outside of Hyun-Jin Ryu, the rotation has issues. Taijuan Walker, Robbie Ray, Tanner Roark, and Matt Shoemaker won’t help Toronto get out of the divisional round.  
  8. Houston Astros – It doesn’t feel like the Stros can get it done. Justin Verlander, their top pitcher won’t throw in the postseason. Anybody backing Houston must believe Zack Greinke can do it by himself.

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