Major Baseball League

25 April 2018

Major League Baseball is a major and a professional baseball organization and regarded as one of the oldest professional sports league. Thirty teams play in the national league (NL) and American League (AL) with 15 teams in each league. The corporation also oversees the Minor League Baseball, which comprises of up to 250 teams. Bingo team set includes 20 team bingo cards, 400 baseball-shaped card makers, and 75 number call-out cards.

For you to participate in MLB.COM Bingo you must be able to meet the following qualifications;

  • Be a resident of Washington DC who is 18+ years of age and all applicable federals and states.
  • You must not be an employee, officers, and directors including (related family members, spouse, parent, child, sibling and their respective spouses regardless where they reside as well as members of the household whether related whether related or not) of MLB advanced media. Sponsors of the Entitles and each of their respective parents, affiliated companies subsidiaries, licensees, distributors, dealers, retailers, printers, advertising and promotion agencies and any other companies associated with the promotion are not eligible to participate or win a prize.

How to participate in the promotions offered:
During the promotion period, you may enter the promotion by clicking on the banner, button and / links within Follow the instructions given to register for the promotion. If you are not a member of the Bingo, please make step and register in order to participate. There is only one-way to participate in the promotion, which is online. No other method of entry or participation will be allowed.

Upon successful registration, follow the instructions provided to receive one virtual Bingo card. In addition, during the promotion, clients can utilize the sharing functionality available to receive two additional bingo cards. However, one must be aware that no additional bingo cards will be offered other than through verified Sharing Functionality. Players should also be aware of the limit 3 bingo cards per person and per email address used to register.

What is offered to the customers and how to claim your prizes:

A maximum of two hundred and fifteen (215) prizes is awarded per each Postseason Game with a maximum of forty-three (43) postseason games.

It is very easy to claim what is your in Bingo. First, in the event you have received a message notifying you that you have received a potential winning Bingo card you will be required to follow this simple steps:

  • Claim you are the eligible winner following the onscreen instructions provided not less than 10 minutes after winning the prize.
  • Failure to claim your prize, the potential winning prize will be void and can result in prize forfeiture.
  • Each winner is fully responsible for any applicable federal, state and local taxes. They should also be aware that prizes are not transferable neither can you assign it to anyone.

Each winner is given a 3-day prize notification this ensures that there is no disqualification or the prize being forfeited.

Parting shot
Show your team spirit while in the all-time favorite game, Bingo!

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