Dan Quinn Jumps Adam Gase in First Coach to be Fired Odds

September 28, 2020

Dan Quinn Favored to be First First

There is a prop bet which exists every year of which NFL coach will be fired first? People can bet the coach they think will get his pink slip first. Some years they don’t have to wait very long for their bets to cash. This year may be one of those years.

After the Atlanta Falcons 0-3 start which included two fourth quarter meltdowns to lose in the last seconds of the game, Head Coach Dan Quinn is now favored to be fired first. If you are an NFL fan you are aware of the “miracle in Dallas” and yesterday’s Bears comeback miracle of their own featuring the miracle kid himself Nick Foles.

Of course credit needs to be given to the Cowboys and to the Bears for executing amazing comebacks and winning outright. But the flip side of the coin is the team that just seemingly gives up playing and allows these things to happen. A friend of mine who is a Falcons fan commented to me yesterday “I’ve never seen as team just quit playing like this.” And I agree. It appears the Falcons are a good enough team to lead the ballgame by a lot of points and then once they are ahead they not only take their foot off the gas, they turn off the engine.

Anyway, here are the odds as provided by SportsBetting.ag

Dan Quinn  (1-2)

Adam Gase  (3-1)

Matt Patricia  (5-1)

Bill O’Brien  (9-1)

Mike Zimmer  (9-1)

Doug Marrone  (10-1)

Vic Fangio  (12-1)

Anthony Lynn  (16-1)

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