NFL Week 11 Opening Lines – Analysis – Early Picks

November 16, 2020

Aaron Rodgers week 11 match up and picks

Every Monday morning we take a look at the schedule for the upcoming late of games. We kick around some lines in the office and settle on what our lines would be if we were running a sportsbook. We then compare them to the actual lines and make some early picks based on the contrasting results.

Last week, in our early lines and picks article we had some moderate success betting this differentials early. There is still one more of those games left from week 10 on the board. We believed that Minny should have been a Pick or -1 and here they are today at -3.5 at most sportsbooks. If you hurry, you can throw down on the Bears.

Anyway, there are only two early contestants for our early pick scheme this week. As you can see from the results listed below, most lines were dead on. Some of the lines are currently off the board.

Tams Our Guess Actual Spread Pick
Cardinals at Seahawks SEA -3.5 SEA -3 NO
Bengals at Washington WAS -2 WAS -1 NO
Falcons at Saints Saints -3.5 Injury Saints -4.5 NO
Steelers at Jags PIT -7 PIT -10 YES
Patriots at Texans NE -2 NE -2.5 NO
Eagles at Browns Browns -5.5 Browns -3.5 YES
Lions at Panthers CAR -3 CAR -3 NO
Titans at Ravens Ravens -4.5 Ravens -6 NO
Jets at Chargers SD -7.5 SD -9 NO
Dolphins at Bronocs MIA -3 MIA -3 NO
Cowboys at Vikings Vikings -10 Vikings -9 NO
Packers at Colts Colts -3 Colts -2.5 NO
Chiefs at Raiders Chiefs -7 Chiefs -7 NO
Rams at Bucs Bucs -4 Bucs -3.5 NO

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