NFL Special Bet Offers – Odds Booster

November 14, 2020

odds booster

If you haven’t checked out the Odds Booster section at BetOnline you are missing out. They pick several games every week and team them up and actually add a bonus to the odds.

For instance, they take Team A + Team B to win straight up and combine them. The normal payout might be something like +165. BetOnline will make it +185 in the oddsbooster section.

This week there are some pretty good ones available:

Packers, Eagles & Bucs all to WIN +185

Raiders-3.5 & Cardinals -2.5 both to Cover +315

Ravens -7.5 to Cover & Over 43.5 Points +290

So, if you liked these combos before you saw the booster or suddenly feel motivated based on what they chose, feel free to throw down on them.

People may wonder why they offer the Odds Booster and the answer is simple: They like to keep people playing. Little specials or perks like these keep players active. For a sportsbook its all about volume. The more bets you book the more money you make long term.

Check out now to get these special offers.

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