NFL Week 10 Lopsided Action Report

November 13, 2020

NFL public betting report

As we did earlier with college football, we are now bringing you the NFL lopsided action report.

You can use the public action report to either avoid betting along with the public, or as some people do, use it to bet against the public.

The theory is that the public generally has an inflated or distorted view of the teams based on hype or recent games. They then perhaps inflate the line, or the line is inflated when it is issued in anticipation of the heavy public response.

It is not a fail-proof method of betting. The public has weeks where they destroy the sportsbook. Sportsbooks make their money mostly on the vig, parlays and by outlasting players.

Personally, I like the NE and Chicago play. The SF line was decent when they were +12.5 at the start of the week. Now that they are +9.5, it is not appealing whatsoever.

Week 10 NFL Lopsided Bet Report

Teams Tickets Cash
SF at NO (-9.5) NO 74% NO 69%
BAL (-7) at NE BAL 89% BAL 95%
MIN (-2.5) at CHI MIN 67% 83%

Figures provided by William Hill US

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