NFL Public Betting Report – Week 6 – ATP Picks

October 18, 2020

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NFL football betting

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The games kick off in an hour and a half and the numbers are in. The public has ben placing their bets all week and the sportsbooks have adjusted lines accordingly.

Many times people will use the public betting numbers to shape their very own picks. Some people bet “against the public” (ATP) as their entire betting strategy. And although it is not foolproof, it has been used to some effect by sports bettors in the past.

The best ATP bets are the ones that are considered “marquee” games which the public knows the teams very well. Since the NFL is comprised of only 32 teams and the NFL is America’s most popular league, every game is considered marquee. The method is that if both the total # of tickets as well as the total $ bet are lopsided 70% or higher, you bet opposite of the public.

ATP Picks Based on Numbers Found Below:

Eagles +10
Texans +3.5
Falcons +4
Jets +9
Bucs +1
49ers +3

Public Betting Report for October 18, 2020 – NFL Week 6

Game Spread % of Tickets % of Dollars
DET vs JAX DET -3 DET 72% DET 59%
CHI vs CAR CAR -1.5 CHI 51% CHI 53%
DEN vs NE NE -7.5 NE 74% DEN 59%
CHI vs IND IND -7.5 IND 54% CIN 53%
BAL vs PHI BAL -10 BAL 75% BAL 73%
CLE vs PIT PIT -3 PIT 65% PIT 69%
WAS vs NYG NYG -1.5 NYG 65% WAS 58%
HOU vs TEN TEN -3.5 TEN 78% TEN 84%
ATL vs MIN MIN -4 MIN 74% MIN 86%
NYJ vs MIA MIA -9 MIA 82% MIA 85%
GB vs TB GB -1 GB 83% GB 92%
RAMS vs SF RAMS -3 RAMS 80% RAMS 85%

numbers provided by William Hill US

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