Week 11 College Football Lopsided Bet Report

November 13, 2020

week 11 college football public action betting report

Instead of listing every single game and the public action report associated with them, we are going to list only the lopsided games that have a 67% imbalance for both tickets and money.

We also leave out smaller schools that may not be well known by the public at large. After all, one of the three tenets to finding a good ATP (against the public) type of play is that both team are well known.

The other two factors to make for a good ATP plays are lopsided action of at least 67% on both money and tickets and no major injuries (QB mainly).

The teams must be well-known and therefore overrated when the public bets all their money on them. You get to play the role of betting with the house.

Week 11 College Football Lopsided Action Report

Game Tickets Money
CIN vs ECU (-27.5) CIN 82% CIN 80%
Va Tech (-2) vs Miami MIA 68% MIA 76%
Wash St. vs ORG (-10.5) ORG 86% ORG 94%

As you can see there are only three games that meet this criteria. One game, we actually analyzed and have a free pick for. Virginia Tech vs Miami is that game. Public favorite or not, this game should be an easy win for Miami.

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