2020 NFL Top 5 Running Backs Expert Analysis

Football tends to go through changes over the years when it comes to the importance of certain positions. The QB slot has always been the most valued, but this is especially true nowadays, as the NFL has become more of a passing league. While that may have devalued the running back position to a certain extent, every team needs a solid RB in their lineup, a game changer who can help a team maintain possession and keep drives alive. There are a lot of very good running backs in the league at the moment, including a few who are either rookies or on the verge of a major breakout season. Let’s take a look at 5 running backs to keep an eye on through 2020 and beyond so you can make your bets against their NFL odds.

Top 5 RBs to Keep an Eye On | NFL Betting Analysis

Aaron Jones – Green Bay Packers

Drafted in the 5th round back in 2017, Jones finally got to handle most of the load last season while breaking 1,000 yards on a single season for the first time. With 303 yards under his belt through the opening 3 weeks of the season, he is on pace to shatter his personal best this season. He has averaged 6.1 yards per carry this year and has already rushed for 4 TDs. If he continues this pace, he may just land atop the RB pile at the end of the season.

Nick Chubb – Cleveland Browns

The former Georgia Bulldogs star is in his 3rd full season in the league and is on pace to have his best season yet. In his rookie year, he fell just 4 yards shy of 1,000 yards, but he was outstanding last year, rushing for 1,494 yards and 8 TD. Through the opening 3 weeks of the season, he has already rushed for 4 more while also racking up 292 yards.

Derrick Henry – Tennessee Titans

Henry became a household name last season when he absolutely dominated in the playoffs and helped lead the Titans to the AFC Conference Championship Game. This is his 5th season in the league, and we have seen his total rushing yards improve with each passing season. He has a long way to go to surpass the 1,540 yards that he delivered in the regular season last year, but as it stands at the moment, he is leading all rushers with 319 yards through the opening 3 weeks.

James Conner – Pittsburgh Steelers

The James Conner story is one that is truly inspiring, but in the NFL, it’s all about production. Conner’s contract will come to an end this season and will leave the Steelers with a decision to make. He seems intent on making it an easy choice for them, though, as he has looked great through the opening 3 weeks, averaging 5.6 yards per carry to this point. If Conner can stay healthy, which has been an issue, his upside is huge.

Clyde Edwards-Hilaire – Kansas City Chiefs

On a team that has Patrick Mahomes as the QB, you do not expect to see the football being run that much. The rookie showed that he is going to be a critical part of this offense in the season opener, though, as he rushed for 138 yards in his NFL debut. He was not used much in Week 2, mostly because the Chiefs spent most of the game trying to play catchup, leaning on Mahomes more than the run game. The rookie has a shot at cracking 1,000 yards this season.

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