Entertainment Betting News – 2020 Emmys & The Mandalorian

The Emmys happened on Sunday, Sep. 20. Wouldn’t you know it? It went the way the odds predicted it would go. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do a recap. After reading the Emmy recap, make sure to check out picks for The Mandalorian Season 2, which starts on October 30, 2020. Let’s jump right into action so you can bet on their Entertainment odds.

Chalk Dominates at the Emmys & The Mandalorian Season 2 Picks

Schitt’s Creek and Succession dominate the Emmy Awards

We had a feeling the chalk was going to muzzle the dogs at the 2020 Emmy Awards. But we didn’t think that the comedy favorite, Schitt’s Creek, and the drama favorite, Succession, would so thoroughly destroy the competition.

Schitt’s Creek didn’t just win Emmys. The fish out of water show broke a record. No comedy had ever won as many Emmys as Schitt’s Creek did this year. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel took home eight total awards in its first couple of seasons. Schitt’s Creek won seven major comedy awards and two creative awards. That’s nine Emmys in total.

Succession won seven total awards. Two of the seven statues came in major categories: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series – Jeremy Strong and Outstanding Drama Series. Strong’s victory is interesting. 

The actor that plays Kendall Roy on the show was a huge underdog to Brian Cox, another actor on Succession. Cox was a -425 choice in late July and early August. But as the weeks passed, Strong closed the gap. By the time the Emmy’s happened, Jeremy was a +115 second choice to Cox’s -125 odds. 

The next big awards show happens in February when the richest of the rich, movie stars, directors, and film producers, walk the red carpet for the Academy Awards. Our hope is that they’ll walk the red carpet without a coronavirus cloud hanging over their heads. 

Mando is back on Oct. 30

The most highly anticipated show of 2019 returns to Disney+ for it’s second season on Oct. 30. The Mandalorian, a story that exists in the world of Star Wars about Baby Yoda and a homeless bounty hunter that’s the same race as Boba Fett, scored huge fans and critics on debut last year.

Season 2 promises to be as exciting and interesting as Season 1. Check out the four betting options on MyBookie. 

The Mandalorian Season 2

Season 2 Episode 1 Average on Rotten Tomatoes

  • Over 91.5% +100 / Under 91.5% -130

The Mandalorian is a massive success of a show. It’s so popular that it got an Emmy Nomination for best drama. Yes, a PG show about Star Wars characters got nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards highest dramatic honor.

The average on Rotten Tomatoes is 93% average audience score. That’s higher than the 91.5%. We’re jumping on the overlay odds!

The Mandalorian Pick: Over 91.5%

Baby Yoda Says ‘May the Force Be With You’ in Season 2

  • Yes +1200 / No -5000

Well, let’s see. Baby Yoda can gurgle a few sounds, stumble around, eat things, and raise objects with his mind. So, he’s talented for sure. But, he was 50-years-old in Season 1 and unless they go 200 more years in the future, no way he says “force” much less puts together an entire sentence.

The Mandalorian Pick: No

Sasha Banks Character Die in Season 2

  • Yes +600 / No -2000

If Sasha Banks plays Sabine Wren, a character in Star Wars who leads her race, the Mandalorians, to free themselves from the Galactic Empire, which is what the rumor mill says, then, no, she won’t die. Chalk it is.

The Mandalorian Pick: No

Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) Makes an Appearance

  • Yes +140 / No -200

It’s a nice idea, but Luke would have to be digitally recreated. Have you seen Mark Hamill lately? The Mandalorian takes place about ten years after the empire falls, which means Luke is hanging out on that island in the Last Jedi contemplating whether to destroy Kylo Ren’s life or not.

The Mandalorian Pick: No

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