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We’re four weeks away until one of the most contentious elections in U.S. history. In our weekly Political News piece, we’re going to analyze and make picks for Donald Trump Props. Next, week will pull out different props and analyze those. Check out prop picks for the U.S.’s current president so you can make your bets against his U.S. Politics odds!  

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U.S. Presidential Election

  • When: Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020
  • Where: United States of America

Will Senate confirm SCOTUS Nominee before 11/3/2020?

Republicans love Amy Coney Barret. She’s a Constitutionalist, someone who doesn’t believe in legislating from the bench, and is a strong Second Amendment supporter. That’s the real reason she’ll pass. Coney Barrett believes in gun rights. Trump is a Republican and the Senate have more Repubs than Dems. They’ll have a vote about three days before the election and ACB will get her robe and gavel.

U.S. Election Pick: Yes    

Will Senate confirm SCOTUS Nominee after 11/3/2020?

If we believe the first question is yes, then the answer to the second question must be no, right? That’s true, but let’s make a case for ACB to get nominated after the Presidential Election. What happens if the Senate waits? Nothing. The Senate and Trump officially aren’t out of office until Jan. 1, 2021. So, even if Mitch McConnell loses the Senate, he could still call a vote to confirm Barrett. If you believe in this analysis, go with Yes. No is the pick, but a case can be made for Yes.

U.S. Election Pick: No  

Will DTrump start TV network if he loses election

He must, right? Trump is one of the most popular, and divisive, presidents in U.S. history. Popular because people that like Trump love the man. Divisive because people that hate Trump hate the man. He could decide to start his own television network and display all sorts of shows that he knows will appeal to both sides. People who hate Trump will watch to get things to argue about and people who love Trump will watch to find things to, yep, argue about.

U.S. Election Pick: Yes

Will DTrump starts television network what will it be called?

  • Maganet +300
  • Trump TV +350
  • Real News +400
  • Not Fake News Network +500

Maganet is cool, but let’s be honest, there’s one real choice here. Trump Tower, Trump International Tower, etc. No way The Donald starts a television network and doesn’t name it after himself. 

U.S. Election Pick: Trump TV

Will DTrump purchase One America News Network?

  • Yes – If he loses the election +155
  • No – If he loses the election -220

He could. But then, The Don would have to change the name to Trump TV. So, why not keep OANN separate and just do cross-network events? Both Trump TV and One American News Network would kill it in the ratings.  

U.S. Election Pick: No – If he loses the election

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