U.S. Politics – Trump vs Biden First Debate Expert Analysis

Next Tuesday, on Sep. 29, Orange Mussolini, the venerable Donald Trump, battles everyone’s favorite Snow White character, Sleepy Joe Biden, in the first of three awesome debate matches. What will come out The Don’s and Hidin’ Biden’s talking heads? Let’s have a closer look at what this two candidates may say on the debates so you can bet against their U.S. Politics odds.

Trump Vs Biden First Debate Prop Odds | Political Betting News

First 2020 Presidential Debate

  • When: Tuesday, Sep. 29

Will Donald Trump say QAnon?

  • Yes +300 / No -500

As much as we’d like to back yes at those terrific odds, no way Donald mentions the conspiracy theory group that exists in cyberspace. Heck, QAnon isn’t even a group. They don’t seem cohesive in any way. If given the chance, Trump will use the word “group” to describe them. He’ll also say they talk about some strange things. But, that’s it.

Presidential Debate Prop Pick: No -500

Will Donald Trump say Sleepy Joe?

  • Yes +150 / No -200

Remember, Trump wants to paint himself as “presidential”. The campaign manager that replaced Brad Pascale, Bill Stepien, worked on Reagan’s campaigns in the 1980’s. The man knows his stuff. So, he’ll make sure Trump shows some respect on Tuesday. 

Presidential Debate Prop Pick: No -200

Will Donald Trump mention Joe Biden’s basement?

  • Yes -160 / No +120

This Donald Trump will do. Mentioning Joe’s basement points out how Biden has hid from the public as much as possible. Trump’s whole point is that Joe Biden is weak. Bringing up Sleepy’s basement accentuates the point.

Presidential Debate Prop Pick: Yes -600

How many times will Trump say ‘Obama’?

  • Over 3.5 +100 / Under 3.5 -140

We’re going under 3.5. Why? Donald Trump is running against Joe Biden, not Obama. The more he can point to the Obama Administration failures as Joe Biden failures, the more he can get his point across, that Biden will ruin the country and that Joe had a part in every bad thing the Obama Administration did to ruin your life. Less Obama and more Biden. That’s the way he’ll go. 

Presidential Debate Prop Pick: Under 3.5 

Will Joe Biden say ‘very fine people’?

  • Yes +120 / No -160

This is a toss-up. So, we’ll go with yes. Biden could say that some Republicans are “very fine people”, but . . . that’s the likeliest way for Joe to say the words, “very fine people”. He could also say “very fine people” in the section on violence in the cities, as in, some of those are “very fine people”. 

Presidential Debate Prop Pick: Yes +120 

Will Joe Biden call Donald Trump a racist?

  • Yes +170 / No -250

Joe Biden is the man who at one time said, you can’t “walk into a 7-Eleven” without seeing an Indian person, “poor kids” are just as smart as “white kids”, and, supposedly although there’s no recording of it, he doesn’t want his kids “growing up in a racial jungle”. So, it’s unlikely Biden brings up race on Tuesday. 

Presidential Debate Prop Pick: No -250

Will Joe Biden say ‘fact check’?

  • Yes +160 / No +120

Tough one because he doesn’t have his facts straight. But, in a debate against Trump, Biden has very few, if any, ways to hurt Trump when it comes to the issues. Trump has said some wild things, but Biden has said crazier things. He may not want Chris Wallace, the moderator, to check the facts. 

Presidential Debate Prop Pick: No +120

Joe Biden misquotes # of USA COVID death by over 100k

  • Yes +350 / No -600

Sleepy did say that there was over “120 million dead from COVID”. So, he’s got around a 119.7 to 119.8 million spread to work with for Yes. 

Presidential Debate Prop Pick: Yes +350

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