NFL Week 10 Opening Point Spreads and Analysis

November 9, 2020

week 10 point spreads nfl

As many of our readers know, one way which we handicap the games here at SBA is by creating our own point spread before looking at the official number. This helps us exploit weak lines early. Last week, many of our lines for NFL week 9 were actually much more accurate than the official betting line. And you can bet we capitalized on those games.

This week we are doing the same. We will publish the games with our line and also include the official line next to it. Maybe this can help you handicap your games and make your picks.

Matchup Our Line Official Line Leverage
Indy at Tennessee Tennessee -2.5 Tenn -2 None
Tampa at Carolina Tampa -3 Tampa -6.5 Carolina
Houston at Cleveland Cleveland -3 Clev -3 None
Washington at Detroit OFF Detroit -3.5 None
Jax at Green Bay Green Bay -15.5 GB -15 None
Philly at Giants Giants -2 Philly -3.5 NYG
Cincy at Pittsburgh Pitt -6.5 Pitt -8.5 Cincy
Buffalo at Arizona Pick Arizona -2 Buffalo
Denver at Las Vegas LV -4.5 LV -5 None
Chargers at Miami Miami -3.5 Miami -2.5 None
Seattle at Rams Seattle -1.5 Rams -1.5 Seattle
SF at New Orleans New Orleans -12.5 NO -10 SF
Baltimore at NE Baltimore -3 Baltimore -7.5 New England
Minny at Chicago Minny PK Minny -2.5 Chicago

Now, we aren’t saying bet every game on this board that has leverage according to our own line-making. But, use our lines and opinion to mix with your own and create your picks that way.

You can wager on these early lines at most any reputable sportsbook. Now is the time to jump on the games that you think may move.

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