Why Am I Locked Out of My Bovada Account?

September 30, 2020

locked out of bovada account?

There is nothing more frustrating seeing a game on the schedule and really wanting to get some action on it only to find that your sportsbook account has been locked.

There are various reasons an account may be locked. Any account suspected of fraud or deception will definitely be locked. But Bovada in particular has a policy that finds their users locked out more than any other sportsbook.

Basically, if you haven’t logged in for the past six months the account will be locked locked. They do this for security reasons. They want to prevent accounts from being compromised.

What Do I Do?

Just jump on their live chat and explain that you haven’t been logged in for a long time and tell them that is why you think you are locked out. They will ask you a series of security questions to verify that it is actually you. They will then restore your account. The process takes about ten minutes total.

If you want to avoid not being able to bet on that game you like so much, it is a good idea to plan early. Check your account access earlier in the week. Make sure all your account info is up to date as well so there are no trip-ups when it comes time to cashing out. Decline any bonuses if you want to be in-and-out on that one single game.

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