Public Betting Report Week 8 College Football – Picks

October 23, 2020

Week 8 of college football is already among us. The season is flying by. But the good news is that the Big Ten is just getting started. They are playing an 8 game schedule and one week championship game which will add a nice crescendo to this football season.

The public has been laying down the action all week at the sportsbooks and we have the reports. The action is accurate as of Friday afternoon.

Below you can see the total action and ticket count for each game. The stats are from William Hill US. The reason this information is more valuable than a poll is because people are betting their hard earned money on it. Also, ticket count is important because one or two very large whales can blow the dollars section out of proportion. When betting against the public, it is important that both the ticket and dollar % are 70%+

Based on those parameters and the data below, there are four solid ATP plays for tomorrow:

UNC -15.5
Virginia +13.5
Kansas +20
Tennessee +22

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college football action week 8

college football

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