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One of the most important boxing matches of the decade happens on Saturday, October 17. The great Vasiliy Lomachenko, whom some boxing historians consider the greatest of all time, battles young, hungry, up and comer Teofimo Lopez. We analyze the massive boxing match but before doing so, read about a couple of other great fights that happen earlier in the day so you can later on go ahead and make your bets against their Boxing odds.  

Saturday’s Lomachenko Vs Lopez Fight One of the Biggest of the Decade

Top Boxing Matches on Saturday

  • When: Saturday, Oct. 17

Newcastle Arena – Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Middleweight – 10 rounds

  • Hannah Rankin +650 / Savannah Marshall -1200

9-4 Hannah Rankin last fought in February. Rankin beat Eva Bajic via TKO. It was a nice win for Rankin who had lost her previous fight via unanimous decision against Patricia Berghult. Although Rankin will fight hard, she’s got a tough matchup on Saturday. Savannah Marshall is undefeated after 8 fights. She’s knocked out 6 of those 8 opponents. Marshall offers underlay odds. Sometimes, it makes no sense going against an underlay sure thing. So, we won’t.

Boxing Free Pick: Savannah Marshall

Super Lightweight – 10 rounds

  • Miguel Vasquez +550 / Lewis Ritson -900

20-1 with 12 knockouts, Lewis Ritson hopes a victory against Miguel Vasquez puts him in the discussion for a championship fight. Ritson could end up battling the winner of Lomachenko vs. Lopez in Vegas later in the day. Vasquez has a nice 42-9 record, but he’s gone 3-4 SU in his last 7 fights. Ritson wins. 

Boxing Free Pick: Lewis Ritson 

The Bubble – MGM Grand – Las Vegas, Nevada

Lomachenko Vs Lopez

  • TV: ESPN at 7:30 pm ET

Super Lightweight Championship – 12 rounds

  • Vasiliy Lomachenko -435

It’s hard to believe that the great Vasiliy Lomachenko has just 14 fights on his record. Many consider Loma one of the greatest fighters of all time. The reason? Lomachenko is the most coordinated fighter in the history of boxing.

Vasiliy’s feet, body, and hands are in perfect harmony. Lomachenko could be standing right in front of an opponent and that opponent won’t connect on a single punch. That’s because even though Loma looks like he’s standing right in front of his competitors, he’s not. He’s standing in front of them at an angle.

And that’s the rub. Loma is difficult to hit because he wins every angle. If Vasiliy beats Teofimo to the “spot”, if he wins every angle, Lopez won’t beat Loma on Saturday night. 

  • Teofimo Lopez +335

Undefeated at 15-0 with 12 knockout victories, Teofimo Lopez has all the skills to become one of the greatest lightweights to ever step into a ring. He’s fast, has power, and uses his body. He’s also an excellent athlete, which means that he can match Loma’s physical abilities.

Although Lopez is a legit +335 underdog, few, if any boxers, have shown the type of skills to beat Vasiliy Lomachenko. Some may say this is too fast for Teofimo, he should get more fights under his belt before attempting to fight the great Loma. Lopez feels he’s ready. Who are we to argue?

Boxing Betting Analysis: Lomachenko Vs Lopez

Loma beat Luke Campbell in his last fight, but it went to the scorecards. Although Lomachenko has just 14 fights, he’s now 32-years-old. It’s obvious that he’s lost some of the speed that he had in lower weight-classes.

Almost as alarming? Vasiliy appeared flat footed against Campbell. That could spell the end of Loma’s reign as the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet. Lopez is the fastest, strongest fighter that Vasiliy has ever faced in his career. He’s also much younger than Lomachenko.

We could be wrong. Loma could go into the ring and dominate Lopez the way he’s done to so many of his opponents. But the odds push us towards backing Teofimo. The young soon to be superstar has all the skills required to pull off the big upset. 

Lomachenko Vs Lopez Betting Pick: Teofimo Lopez

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