PAC-12 Football Schedule and Season Total Win Over-Unders

October 7, 2020

Pac-12 football schedule

It appears as though the Pac-12 will be playin football after seeing the rest of the nation do it first. But the season will be a truncated one. Each team will only be playing Pac-12 schools so the total games on their schedule will total seven games. Click here to enlarge schedule image

If you recall, The Big Ten and the Pac-12 were the two of the major five football conferences to postpone their seasons until spring-time for fear that the coronavirus would ravage their teams. After the ACC, SEC and Big-12 all decided that was a fear was unfounded and proceeded with their season with much success, the Big Ten caved to fan, parent, player & political pressure. The Pac-12 was soon to follow.

It is assumed at this point that the Pac-12 and Big Ten will both be eligible for playoffs as well as bowl games even though they are playing intraconference games only. Time will tell.

Below we have the total season wins for each PAC-12 team. The numbers are being offered at

Oregon – 6
Arizona State – 4.5
California – 4.5
Utah – 4.5
Washington – 4.5
Stanford – 3.5
UCLA – 3.5
Washington State – 2
Oregon State – 1.5
Colorado – 1.5
Arizona – 1

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