Sportsbook Pays Out Kansas City as Division Winners Early

October 9, 2020

Sportsbook pays out Chiefs division win after week 4 of 2020

Yes, we are only four weeks into the 17 week NFL season but one sportsbook has decided to pay out all those bettors who took K.C. at the start of the season at -350 odds early. Some lucky sports bettors logged into their account this week to find their future bet was graded as a win and the winnings were in their account. The sportsbook which did this is

“With the way the AFC West is unfolding, we felt very comfortable moving forward and rewarding Chiefs bettors early,” manager Dave Mason said. “The only way Kansas City doesn’t come out on top is if Andy Reid eats too many hamburgers or Patrick Mahomes suffers a season-ending injury, and nobody wants to see that.”

You can see from this action report back in March that people weren’t betting K.C. as much as other teams to win their division. This is probably because the high price associated with the bet. It was $350 to win $100 back then. If you were to bet K.C. today, after K.C. is off to a commanding 4-0 start, you would need to plunk down -10000 odds, or $10,000 to win $100.

We have seen sportsbooks do this in the past as a way to generate press and to interest new players. Usually the exposure isn’t terrible and the odds are very high the bet will win anyway. If by some odd chance K.C collapses and doesn’t win the division, the sportsbook would pay out the winners of that bet and let the K.C. backers keep their money. That is the only scenario where the sportsbook loses. And like we said they get a ton of press out of the move.

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